Poshmark Vacation Mode: How and When to Use It

Did you know that Poshmark allows you to put your closet into vacation mode? This is a handy feature if you are indeed going on vacation or have other reasons preventing you from being active on the platform. 

How to Enable Poshmark Vacation Mode

Enabling Poshmark vacation mode is easy! There is no approval process to go through with Poshmark, and you can do it through the app or the website.

Enabling Poshmark vacation mode using the app:

  • Click on your username icon –> Click on My Seller Tools  –> Click on Vacation Hold –> Click on the toggle button –> Enter a Start Date and an End Date –> Click Save

Enabling Poshmark vacation mode using the website:

  • Click on your username icon –> Click on Account Settings –> Click on Vacation Hold –> Click on the On button –> Enter a Start Date and an End Date –> Click Save

What Happens When Poshmark Vacation Mode Is Enabled? 

When you enable Poshmark vacation mode, all of your listings will be displayed as Not For Sale. This means that other users will not be able to purchase any of your items. However, they can still see, like, comment on, and share your items. 

If for some reason, you list new items while your closet is on vacation mode, those will be displayed as For Sale, and you will need to change the availability status to Not For Sale manually.

Poshmark Items Not For Sale

How Do Buyers Know That My Poshmark Closet Is Set to Vacation Mode?

When you turn on the vacation mode, Poshmark generates an automatic message that says, “Be right back! Closed for vacation until (your end date).”

On the app, the message will be displayed as a banner on the bottom and will be visible as you scroll through your closet. If you are using the Poshmark website, the banner will be displayed at the top of your closet. 

Poshmark Vacation Message

Will Sales Return to Normal After Disabling Poshmark Vacation Mode?

It’s difficult to know if your sales will bounce back when you return from vacation, but I’m inclined to say that they will as long as you are active on the platform again after being away.

When you put your closet into vacation mode, you will most likely temporarily stop sharing your listings and those of other Poshmark sellers. Your Poshmark closet will not be as visible and active for a few days, so you will need to put in some work to start sharing your closet again. 

This isn’t any different than what you were doing before you went on vacation, so once you get back into the groove again, your sales should return to normal.

Reasons to Enable Poshmark Vacation Mode

The most obvious reason for putting your closet on hold is because you have found an amazing new place to travel to and explore! 

When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to worry about work, side hustles, or your everyday routine. This makes Poshmark vacation mode an awesome feature! 

Yes, buyers may still reach out to ask a question on one of your listings, but you have made it clear that you are not available, so you don’t have to respond until you’re back. Unless, of course, you choose to respond. 

Putting your closet into vacation mode makes sense because, depending on how long you are away, you may not be able to ship out an item within the seven-day time limit. After seven days, a buyer has the option of canceling the sale. Check out How to Cancel a Poshmark Order for more information.

Another reason for putting your closet into vacation mode is that life happens! Sometimes there are situations in life that derail you and require more of your time. 

When this happens, you may not be able to devote as much time to Poshmark, so using the vacation mode feature until you feel ready to get back to reselling is super beneficial!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Enabling Poshmark Vacation Mode

When I think about the advantages and disadvantages of using Poshmark vacation mode, I only think of one advantage and one disadvantage. 

Taking a break: we all need a break! Even if you owned a brick-and-mortar store, you would need a break! Self-care is important and necessary. 

Sometimes a break is pleasurable, but other times you are forced to take one due to circumstances that are out of your control.

Lack of sales: when you pause your Poshmark closet, you also pause your sales. No sales equal no money! 

An option to consider for mitigating this is to disable the vacation mode a couple of days before you return home, while still giving yourself enough time to ship an item within the seven-day cancellation period.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, how and why to enable Poshmark vacation mode! It’s simple and easy to do, and there are no repercussions to doing so, other than no sales being generated during your time off. 

Time off and taking a break are important and necessary, so don’t feel guilty about putting your business temporarily on hold to take care of yourself! It will be there waiting for you once you’re ready!

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