How Does Poshmark Shipping Work?

Have you made a recent purchase or sale on Poshmark? Are you wondering how Poshmark shipping works? If so, this post is for you!

I discuss shipping fees in some of my other blog posts, but in this post, I’ll focus exclusively on providing details about how Poshmark shipping works in the United States and Canada, plus some key things to keep in mind.

Who Pays for Shipping on Poshmark?

The buyer is responsible for paying shipping costs, unless the seller offers the buyer a shipping discount. In that scenario both the buyer and seller share the cost of shipping.

In some cases, a seller may even offer a buyer free shipping. This means that the buyer pays nothing for shipping fees, which is an awesome deal for the buyer!

Poshmark Shipping Fees

How much does shipping cost on Poshmark? This is probably one of the top questions on your mind!

  • In the U.S., the buyer pays $7.45 for shipping, so long as the package weighs no more than 5 pounds.
  • In Canada, the buyer pays $13.49 for shipping, and the package must weigh no more than 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds).

If the package weighs more than the above amounts, the shipping label needs to be upgraded by the seller (more on this later).

Poshmark Shipping Labels 

One of my favorite things about Poshmark is its seamless shipping process! 

When you make a sale, Poshmark emails you a flat rate prepaid shipping label in PDF format, which includes the buyer’s shipping address. All you need to do is print the label, attach it to your package, and drop it off at a post office! 

The flat shipping rate also means that you don’t need to estimate shipping costs on your own, which is a huge time and money saver! Simply drop off your package and done!

Note: In Canada, the shipping label says that 0.75 kilograms is supported, but in reality, the label allows you to ship up to 2.5 kilograms. 

The emailing of shipping labels is pretty seamless, but if you don’t receive your shipping label in your email inbox, you can also download the label using the Poshmark website or the Poshmark app.

  • Click on your username icon —> Go to My Sales —> Select the order —> Click on Download Shipping Label

If you still can’t download the shipping label, you will need to contact Poshmark Support for help.


Adjusting Poshmark Shipping Label Settings 

In addition to the prepaid mailing label, Poshmark also allows you to print a packing slip for each of your orders. 

This feature is really useful for helping you track sold items when you have multiple sales to ship out at once. This also helps to prevent you from accidentally sending the wrong item to a buyer!

The packing slip will have the following information:

  • The order number
  • The title of your listing
  • An image of the item(s)
  • The buyer’s username
  • The item’s SKU number (optional)
  • The price the item(s) sold for

If you do accidently swap your orders, there is no need to panic. Poshmark has a process for addressing this issue (more on this later).

So how do you access the packaging slip?

Using the Poshmark website:

  • Click on your username icon at the top right of the page —> Account Settings —> Go to Shipping Label Settings —> Toggle the button under Packing Slip to On —> Toggle the button under Adding SKU to Packing Slip to On (this is optional)

Using the Poshmark app:

  • Click on your username icon at the bottom right of the app —> Click on My Seller Tools —> Go to Shipping Label Settings —>Toggle the button beside Packing Slip to On —>Toggle the button beside Adding SKU to Packing Slip to On (this is optional)

Note: If you want to print a packing slip, you need to make sure that you enable this feature before you make your next sale. 

Poshmark also allows you to adjust the paper size of your shipping label depending on the type of printer you own. 

Poshmark shipping labels can be printed on 8.5” x 11” sized paper when using a standard printer, or on 4” wide paper when using a specialized printer (e.g., a label printer). If you are using a specialized printer, you can adjust the paper size to 4” x 6”. 

If at any time you want to change the paper settings, follow the instructions above and select your preferred paper size under Paper Sizes.

How to Upgrade a Poshmark Shipping Label

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that Poshmark’s shipping labels allow for parcels to weight up to approximately 5 pounds. 

What do you do if your parcel weighs more?

Poshmark allows sellers to upgrade a shipping label at an additional cost to the seller (deducted from earnings) as follows:

Parcel WeightCost of Upgraded LabelParcel Weight
Cost of Upgraded Label
Up to 2.5 kilograms FreeUp to 5 poundsFree
3 kilograms$1 plus tax 6 pounds$4.50
3.5 kilograms$2 plus tax 7 pounds$9.00
4 kilograms$3 plus tax 8 pounds$13.50
4.5 kilograms$4 plus tax 9 pounds$18.00
5 kilograms$5 plus tax 10 pounds$22.50
Note: the maximum weight supported is 5 kilogramsNote: the maximum weight supported is 10 pounds

So, how do you upgrade the label?

Using the website or app:

  • Click on your username icon —> Click on My Sales —> Select the order —> Click on New Shipping Label —> Select Need Heavier Weight Label from the dropdown menu —> Confirm your return address —> Enter the total weight of the parcel —> Click on Next —> Click on Send New Label

Once you have completed these steps, a new upgraded shipping label will be emailed to you.

Swapped Poshmark Orders or Wrong Item Sent to a Poshmark Buyer

We are all human and makes mistakes, so what happens if you accidently send the wrong item to a buyer? You’ll need to report the issue to the buyer and Poshmark. 

Using the website or app:

  • Click on your username icon —> Click on My Sales —> Select the order  —> Click on Problems/Order Inquiry  —> Sent the Wrong Item —> Click Submit/Report Issue

To help prevent this, you may want to consider printing a packaging slip with SKU numbers to help you keep track of your sales (see above).

Poshmark will work with the buyer to have the item(s) returned to you or another buyer if an item has been swapped.

How to Discount Shipping on Poshmark 

Poshmark has a shipping discount feature for listings that gives sellers the option of incorporating a shipping discount directly into a listing. 

Before this feature was available, sellers could only discount shipping by sending a buyer a “private offer” with a shipping discount. Now sellers have an easier and more efficient way of offering buyers a better shipping rate because it reduces the need to make offers all the time.

It also makes it more likely that buyers will hit the “Buy Now” button! Before the buyer had to wait for an offer from the seller or the buyer had to send an offer to a seller to negotiate a new price. Often times this is done to save money on shipping. 

The listing shipping discount feature also helps to reduce the back-and-forth counteroffers between buyers and sellers.

A buyer may still offer a new price despite the discounted shipping offer being incorporated into the listing, at which point, the discounted shipping rate that was included in the listing is no longer applicable. 

Shipping discounts will vary by country. For example, in Canada, sellers can offer a shipping discount of:

  • $9.99 (a discount of $3.50)
  • $6.99 (a discount of $6.50)
  • Free shipping (the $13.49 shipping fee is paid by the seller)

This is an awesome feature, but remember, discounted shipping is optional and at the discretion of the seller.

If you want to learn more about Poshmark offers, check out A Guide to Poshmark Offers.

Receiving Package

How Long Does Poshmark Take to Ship?

This a common and important question! As a buyer, you are excited about your purchase and you want to receive it as soon as possible, and as a seller you want to get your money soon too!

A seller has up to 7 days to ship an item, but Poshmark recommends that sellers ship their orders within 2-3 days. 

If on the third day, the seller hasn’t shipped the item, Poshmark will send a reminder email to the seller, and will also notify the buyer that the shipping reminder has been sent to the seller.

If the seller still doesn’t ship the item after 7 days, the buyer can cancel the order and receive a refund for the purchase.

Aside from setting shipping rates, emailing shipping labels to buyers, and emailing shipping reminders to sellers, Poshmark has very little to do with determining shipping times. 

When you shop on Poshmark you are dealing with individual sellers, and each one of these sellers has a different service standard. Some sellers will ship your order within 1 day and others will take the full 7 days to ship your order.

Once the item has been received by the post office, shipping times are now in the hands of your postal service, which will vary depending on how far you live from the seller.

Poshmark will help buyers and sellers to resolve certain mailing issues that arise because they use a corporate account with the postal service in your country for shipping all of those packages. 

For example, if a parcel is lost or not received by the buyer, Poshmark Support works with the buyer and seller to resolve the issue. In this case, Poshmark is responsible for following up with the postal service, rather than the seller or buyer.

Other than these types of situations, shipping times are mostly determined by individual Poshmark sellers.

What to Do if a Poshmark Seller Does Not Ship Your Item?

It’s frustrating when sellers take a long time to ship an item or (even worse) they don’t ship it at all! You can start by messaging the seller to request an update on when they plan to ship the parcel. 

You can do this by commenting on the listing of the item you purchased. Check out our post on How to Message Someone on Poshmark for more details.

Most sellers are responsive, and they will provide you with an update. However, if they don’t respond (which does happen) you will need to wait the full 7 days that the seller has to ship the item. 

Unfortunately, Poshmark can’t be of much help, other than sending email reminders to the seller. Like I mentioned earlier, if after 7 days, the seller hasn’t shipped the item, the buyer can cancel the order and Poshmark will refund their money.

After 7 days, the buyer can reach out to the seller again and ask if they plan to ship, but if they still don’t respond, I think it safe to assume that the seller doesn’t plan to ship the item. 

One way of preventing shipping delays or risking that an item is not shipped at all is by purchasing from sellers that are Poshmark Ambassadors. 

One of the criteria to become an ambassador is to maintain an average shipping time of 3 days, so if you make a purchase from a Poshmark Ambassador, you know that you’re more likely to receive your item and that it will probably be shipped to you before the 7 day deadline.

Poshmark makes it easy to identify Poshmark Ambassadors. You can tell whether a seller is an ambassador or not by looking at the main page of their closet. If they have a star icon beside their name, they are an ambassador.

If you want to learn more about Poshmark Ambassadors, check out our post on How to Become a Poshmark Ambassador.

Poshmark Order Status

One of the benefits of Poshmark’s prepaid shipping label is that it allows the buyer and seller to track the item once it has been shipped. 

Using Canada as an example, Poshmark has integrated Canada Post tracking within the Poshmark app. If you go to your sales, you can see updates from Canada Post for each of your sales. 

Boxes in Mail Truck

Does Poshmark Ever Offer Free Shipping?

Poshmark does not offer free shipping for buyers. Shipping discounts and free shipping are all initiated by the seller, not Poshmark.

However, Poshmark does pay for discounted shipping on Closet Clear Out days, which means that the seller doesn’t have to pay for the shipping discount.

On Closet Clear Out days, if a seller drops the price of an item by 10%, Poshmark offers a shipping discount to the buyer for 6 hours. This means that the buyer only has 6 hours to accept the offer from the seller in order to get the shipping discount. 

As mentioned above, this option is only available if the seller initiates an offer.

Can a Seller Offer Free Shipping on Poshmark?

Absolutely! Sellers can choose to offer discounted shipping or even free shipping.

A free shipping offer from a seller is more likely to occur when a buyer purchases a large bundle of items. This is because the more a buyer purchases, the more likely it is that the seller can offset the cost of covering the entire shipping cost.

Remember, the seller has to pay a commission for each sale, so covering the entire cost of shipping may be challenging for a seller, but it does happen!

If you want to learn more about Poshmark fees, check out Poshmark Fees: How Are They Calculated?

What Happens if a Poshmark Package Gets Lost?

Because Poshmark provides prepaid labels that allow for expedited shipping and tracking, if a parcel gets lost, it is fully covered by Poshmark.

If a buyer never receives the parcel, the buyer is refunded their money and the seller is paid their earnings. 

This is why it is not recommended that you ship a parcel on your own without Poshmark’s prepaid label. If you do and something goes wrong during the shipping process, you are on your own, because Poshmark can’t (and won’t) help you with resolving any issues.

What Packaging Should I Use for Poshmark?

You can use poly mailer bags, recycled Amazon boxes, other brown boxes, and padded envelopes, depending on the size of your item(s). Poly mailers are great for smaller items like tops, shorts, and lighter sweaters.

Boxes are good to have on hand in case you are shipping bulkier or heavier items, such as jackets, purses, or breakable houseware items. 

If you are shipping breakable items, you will also want to get your hands on some bubble wrap and tissue paper.

Can I Use a Bag to Ship on Poshmark?

Yes, but it can’t be just any bag. It needs to be a poly mailer bag, which is designed specifically for shipping. 

Poly mailers are lightweight, strongly reinforced bags that are water resistant, and come in various sizes, colors, and designs. You can find them on Amazon or some stores that sell stationary items.

Can I Use Amazon Boxes to Ship on Poshmark?

Yes! I always recycle my Amazon boxes for shipping on Poshmark. Just make sure to take off any old labels or barcodes when reusing those boxes!

Final Thoughts

There you have it! A quick guide on about how Poshmark Shipping works!

Shipping on Poshmark is quite easy and straightforward thanks to Poshmark’s seamless process.

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